Staffs in the laboratory
Mao Wei,Zhang Hong,Li Kang,Wang Yuehu
Mao Wei Associate Professor
Resume: Advisor of master students; doctor degree holder; born in 1981.   
Research areas:
  wide band gap  semiconductor microwave power devices; theoretical modeling, structural design and technological implementation of new-type high-voltage high-power power & electronic devices and integrated semiconductor devices   
Research achievements: 
He took charge of one project from the National Natural Science Foundation, and took part in projects from the national “ 973” Program, the advance research program, and the Electronic Development Fund of the Ministry of Information Industry, as well as the major projects from the National Natural Science Foundation. He won the First Shaanxi Provincial Sci-tech Award in 2011. He published over 10 papers which were indexed by the SCI, and obtained more than 20 authorized national invention patents.
Zhang Hong Associate professor; doctorate holder; born in 1972.
Major research field: new VLSI devices; research on methods for new construction design and testing; research on mechanism and manufacture of microwave power devices

Li Kang Associate professor; doctorate holder in the specialty of microelectronics and solid electronics; born in 1973.
Major research fields: methodology of VLSI design; communication chip design and system architecture; reliability analysis of VLSI circuits

Wang Yuehu
Lecturer; doctorate holder; born in 1968.
Major research field: SiC materials and devices
Achievements: He participated in the projects from the “973” sub-items, the National Natural Science Foundation, and the Shaanxi Provincial Natural Science Fund.  

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