Staffs in the laboratory
Wang Dong,Zeng Xuefeng,Zhang Chunfu,Cao Yanrong
Wang Dong: Doctorate holder; graduated from Xi’an Jiao Tong University in 2009.
Major research fields: wide-band gap semiconductor material and device; research on the growth technique and device of graphene material
Achievements: He took charge of and participated in projects from the National Sci-tech Major Special Items and the Applied Material Fund. He has published over 10 papers.

Zeng Xuefeng:
Born in 1979; earned his doctorate from the specialty of microelectronics at the University of Liverpool John Moores, Britain in 2010.
Major research fields:wide-band gap semiconductor material and device reliability; key techniques for high-k material and device; methods for characterization of defects of semiconductor materials
Achievements: He participated successively in projects from the “863” Program, the National Major Sci-tech Special Items, and the National Natural Science Foundation, as well as the British EPSRC projects. He also has a close cooperation with the European IMEC in the research on the high-k material. He developed the technique for characterizing the electron trap energy and its space distribution in the dielectric, thus overcoming the shortcomings of the most characterization techniques available, which plays an important role in the performance evaluation of the Flash Memory with high-k material as the sioxny and has been highly appraised and recognized by the colleagues at the IMEC and Cambridge. He has published over 10 papers in the IEEE Trans. on Electron Devices, the IEEE Electron Device Letters, the IEDM and the INFOS.

Zhang Chunfu: Earned his doctorate at the National University of Singapore; born in 1979; served as a postdoctoral researcher at the National University of Singapore from August of 2009 to October of 2010.
Major research fields: organic electronic materials and devices; new-type organic solar cells; GaN HEMT devices
Achievements: He has published over 20 papers in the Applied Physics Letters, the IEEE Trans. on Electron Devices, the IEEE Electron Device Letters, the Chemical Physics, the Chinese Physics B, and the ICOE as well as at conferences. His work on organic solar cells has been widely paid close attention to by the colleagues in the world, especially his new-type design of the laminated construction of cells being reported by the world-famous journal Photonicson technological trend. His papers in recent three years have been quoted by the world-famous journals such as Advanced Materials, the Journal of Materials Chemistry, Optics Express, Applied Physics Letters, and the Journal of Applied Physics for more than 50 times and by the H-index for 5 times.
Cao Yanrong
: Doctorate holder.
Major research fields: wide-band gap semiconductor devices; reliability of small-size CMOS devices
Achievements: She participated in quite a few projects from the National Major Sci-tech Special Items and the “863” Program. She has published nearly 20 papers in the Science in China and the ACTA PHYSICA SINICA as well as at international conferences.

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