Staffs in the laboratory
Zhang Naiqian,Wang Shenglian,Lv Hongliang
Zhang Naiqian Doctorate holder; one of the persons who were earliest engaged in the research on the electronic device of radio frequency powergallium nitride. In 1997, he began to work toward doctoral degree at the UCSB, USA and earned the doctorate in electron device in 2002. In 1999 he invented the pasivation method for GaN devices and obtained the American patent, raising the output power of the gallium nitride HEMT to the level of 10 W/mm for the first time. The gallium nitride HEMT device he made broke through the high voltage of 1 kilovolt for the first time in the world. After graduation, he entered the RFMD Corporation which is the largest radio-frequency semiconductor manufacturer in the globe and took charge of the development of gallium nitride products and some gallium arsenide products, realizing the power density as high as 20 W/mm and the total output power of 135 W. In 2006, he returned to China and created, together with Xidian University, the Xi’an Nengxun Microelectronics Co, Ltd., devoted to the R&D and industrialization of gallium nitride and other power devices. In 2009, he was a choice in the National Overseas High-level Talents Introducing Program.
Wang Shenglian Research fellow. She graduated from the specialty of semiconductor physics and device at Xidian University in 1982 and then she was engaged in the development of high-voltage power semiconductor devices and integrated circuits in the Huajing Group Corporation. In 1988, she was engaged in the development of microwave high-power devices in the No. 13 Research Institute of the Electronic Sci-tech Group. In 2000, she was engaged in the R&D of photoelectric devices and corresponding software systems in the Royal Academy of Science, New Zealand. From 2003 to 2005, she was engaged in the R&D of the blue-ray LED in Dalian, China. In 2005 she was engaged in the research on the blue-ray LED at Xidian University.
Major research field: research on LED technology and its industrialization
Achievements: She obtained 2 invention patents and won quite a few provincial/ministerial-grade Science and Technology Progress Awards. She has published quite a few papers.

Lv Hongliang: Professor; doctorate holder; born in 1978. member of the IEEE; senior member of the Chinese Institute of Electronics.
Major research fields: wide-band gap semiconductor material and device; new-type VLSI semiconductor device analog and simulation; radio-frequency IC design
Achievements: She took charge of quite a few projects from the National Natural Science Foundation and the Shaanxi Provincial Natural Science Fund. Since 2001, she has published over 40 papers in the IEEE Trans. on Electron Device, Applied Physics A, Diomand and Related Material, and Chinese Physics as well as at international conferences.

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