Staffs in the laboratory
Zhang Yuming,Zhang jincheng,Zhang yimen
Zhang yuming Professor;director of the key discipline laboratory; advisor of Ph.D. candidates; doctorate holder; born in 1965; engaged in the research on SiC devices at the State University of New York, USA in 2000; senior member of the IEEE; senior member of the Chinese Institute of Electronics; director of the council of the Shaanxi Branch of the Chinese Society of Computing Physics; special reviewer of the journal “Chinese Physics Letters”.
Major research field: research on silicon carbide materials and devices
Achievements: He has undertaken projects from the National Natural Science Foundation and the National “973” Program, and achieved many innovative results. He won 3 provincial/ministerial-grade Science and Technology Progress Awards and the fourth-time “Shaanxi Provincial Youth Sci-tech Award”. He has published over 100 papers, of which more than 70 were indexed by the three major indexing bodies. He was awarded the title of “Shaanxi Provincial Outstanding Returned Personnel” in 2001.

Zhang Jincheng Professor;deputy director of the key discipline laboratory; advisor of Ph.D. candidates; doctorate holder; born in July of 1976 in Fuping County, Shaanxi Province; received his master’s degree and doctorate in microelectronics and solid electronics from Xidian University in 2001 and 2004, respectively; promoted exceptionally to professor in 2009. In 2005, he obtained the titles of “Excellent Teacher of the Institutions of Higher Learning in Shaanxi Province” and “Top Ten Good Young Teachers in Xidian University”. In 2007, he was selected into the “New-century Outstanding Talents of the Ministry of Education” Program.
Major research field: wide-band gap semiconductor materials and devices
Achievements: He successively undertook and participated in more than 20 research projects at provincial/ministerial level and above. As a responsible person, he took charge of 2 national projects and 4 provincial/ministerial projects. As one of the principal responsible persons, he successfully developed the surface reaction enhanced MOCVD device grown by the low-defect nitride semiconductor materials, and high aluminum constituent GaN heterostructure microwave material, both of which possess the Chinese independent intellectual property rights and whose performance indexes reach the international advanced levels. He won 1 Second National Technology Invention Award and 4 provincial/ministerial-level Science and Technology Awards, obtained 7 authorized national patents of invention, and published over 50 papers, of which more than 30 were indexed by the SCI.
Zhang Yimen Professor;advisor of Ph.D. candidates; born in 1941; worked as a visiting scholar and a senior visiting scholar at the Arizona State University and Yale University , USA in 1984 and 1994, respectively.
Major research fields: He has long been engaged in the teaching and research work in the areas of device model and VLSI CAD.
Achievements: He has published over 70 papers on SiC material and device. He won 1 First Science and Technology Progress Award of the Ministry of Electronic Industry.

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