Research Projects and Achievements
National Invention Patents-1
Fabrication method for Trench-gate CMOS integrated circuits using the Self-aligned process                                 00114825.7
Systems architecture of a 16-bit microprocessor                                                                                                        03114501.9
Dual arithmetic logic unit 8-bit RISC microcontroller                                                                                         200510041649.9
SiC MOSFET                                                                                                                                                              03105805.1
Deposition methods for the in-situ  and metal film in the III-V compound material                                          200510042671.5
Gas distribution system and control method for the constant-current of Metal-organic chemical vapor    
     deposition                                                                                                                                                            200510042809.1
Growth method of the hetero-epitaxy for the GaN based semiconductor materials                                           200510043168.1
Vertical device structure of wide band gap semiconductors                                                                                200510043057.0
Deposition method for the in-situ high-k   and metal film of InP based materials                                             2005100962334.1
Deposition method for the in-situ high-k   and metal film of GaN based compound materials                             
Fabrication method for the single growth compound multi-quantum well structur                                            200610041962.7
Detection method for the defect type and defect density in the GaN single crystal                                          200610042911.6
Fabrication method for the large-area self-supporting wide-band gap semiconductor material                                                    
Fabrication method for GaN devices based on the self-supporting SiC                                                              200610105132.6
Air-bridge manufactoring method in compound semiconductor high-power microwave devices                                       
Growth method for the GaN film based on                                                                                                        200710018353.4
GaN device based on contents-varying GaN MISFET and its prepareing method of different component                                                 
Structure of and manufactoring method for the InAlN/GaN heterojunction enhanced high electron mobility  
     transistor                                                                                                                                                               20081001777.3
Process for the N-type ohmic contact in the GaN device                                                                                   200810150273.9

The laboratory has applied for and obtained more than 60 national invention patents

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