Research Projects and Achievements


1. Analysis of the Breakdown Characterization Method in GaN-Based HEMTs.
   IEEE Transactions on PowerElectronics, Vol.31, No.2, pp:1517-1527, 2015. Zhao Shenglei, Hou Bin, Chen Weiwei,          
    Mi Minhan, Zheng Jiaxin, Zhang Jincheng, Ma Xiaohua, Hao Yue.

2. Through space charge-transfer emission in lambda (L)-shaped triarylboranes and the use in fluorescent sensing for fluoride
    and cyanide ions.
   RSC Advances, Vol.5, No.57, pp:45668-45678, May 2015.Xi He, Liu Yang, Yuan Chunxue, Li Yexin, Wang Lei,              
   Tao Xutang, Ma Xiaohua, Zhang Chunfu, Hao Yue.

3. Highly ordered core–shell CoFe2O4–BiFeO3nanocomposite arrays from dimension confined phase separation and their
interfacial magnetoelectric coupling properties.
    RSC Advances, Vol.5, No.72, pp:58640-58643,Jun.2015.Lu Xiaoli, Zhang Chunfu, Zhang Jincheng, Hao Yue.

4. Simulation investigation of tensile strained GeSn fin photodetector with Si3N4liner stressor for extension of absorption
    Optics Express, Vol.23,No.2, pp:739-746, Jan 2015.Zhang Qingfang, Liu Yan, Yan Jing, Zhang Chunfu, Hao Yue,
   Han Genquan.

5. Theoretical investigation of tensile strained GeSn waveguide with Si3N4 liner stressor for mid-infrared detector and
    modulator applications.
    Optics Express, Vol.23, No.6, pp:7924-7932, May2015.Zhang Qingfang, Liu Yan, Yan Jing, Zhang Chunfu, Hao Yue,
   Han Genquan.

6. Effects of interlayer growth condition on the transport properties of heterostructures with InGaN channel grown on
   sapphire by metal organic chemical vapor deposition.
    Applied Physics Letters, Vol.106, No.15, Apr 2015.Zhang Yachao, Zhou Xiaowei, Xu Shengrui, Wang Zhizhe, Zhao Yi,
    Zhang Jinfeng, Chen Dazheng, Zhang Jincheng, Hao Yue.

7. Using in-process measurements of open-gate structures to evaluate threshold voltage of normally-off GaN-based high
    electron mobility transistors.
    Applied Physics Letters, Vol.107, No.16, Oct 2015.Hou Bin, Ma Xiaohua, Chen Weiwei, Zhu Jiejie, Zhao Shenglei,
    Chen Yonghe, Xie Yong, Zhang Jincheng, Hao Yue.

8. Ultrathin barrier AlN/GaN high electron mobility transistors grown at a dramatically reduced growth temperature by
    pulsed metal organic chemical vapor deposition.
    Applied Physics Letters, Vol.107, No.4, 043503, 2015.Xue JunShuai, Zhang JinCheng, Hao Yue.

9. Trap states in enhancement-mode double heterostructures AlGaN/GaN high electron mobility transistors with different
     GaN channel layer thicknesses.
      Applied Physics Letters,Vol.107, No.6, 2015.He Yunlong, Li Peixian, Wang Chong, Li Xiangdong, Zhao Shenglei,
      Mi Minhan, Pei Jiuqing, Zhang Jincheng, Ma Xiaohua, Hao Yue.

10. Improving the microwave dielectric properties of Ti3SiC2powders by Al doping.
      Journal of Alloys and Compounds,Vol.618, pp:508-511, Jan 2015.Li Zhimin, Luo Fa, He Chuangchuang, Yang Zi,
     Li Peixian, Hao Yue.

11. Silicon diffusion control in atomic-layer-deposited Al2O3/La2O3/Al2O3gate stacks using an Al2O3barrier layer.
     Nanoscale Research Letters, Vol.10, pp:1-6, Mar 2015.Wang Xing, Liu Hongxia, Fei Chenxi, Ying Yinshu,
     Fan Xiaojiao.

12. The influence of process parameters and pulse ratio of precursors on the characteristics of La1-xAlxO3films deposited
     by atomic layer deposition.
      Nanoscale Research Letters, Vol.10, pp:1-9, Apr 2015.Fei Chenxi, Liu Hongxia, Wang Xing, Fan Xiaojiao.

13. Contact Length Scaling in Staggered Organic Thin-Film Transistors.
     IEEE Electron Device Letters, Vol.36, No.6, pp:609-611, Jun 2015. Wang Hong, Wang Wei, Sun Pengxiao,
      Ma Xiaohua,Li Ling, Liu Ming, Hao Yue.

14. High RF Performance Enhancement-Mode Al2O3/AlGaN/GaN MIS-HEMTs Fabricated With High-Temperature
     Gate-Recess Technique.
     IEEE Electron Device Letters, Vol.36, No.8, pp:754-756, Aug 2015.Huang Sen, Liu Xinyu, Zhang Jinhan, Wei Ke,
      Liu Guoguo, Wang Xinhua, Zheng Yingkui, Liu Honggang, Jin Zhi, Zhao Chao, Liu Cheng, Liu Shenghou, Yang Shu,
       Zhang Jincheng, Hao Yue, Chen Kevin J.

15. A step-by-step experiment of 3C-SiC hetero-epitaxial growth on 4H-SiC by CVD.
      Applied Surface Science, Vol.357, pp:985-993, 2015.Xin Bin, Jia Renxu, Hu Jichao, Tai Chengying, Hao-Hsiung Lin,
      Zhang Yuming.

16. The properties of gallium oxide thin film grown by pulsed laser deposition.
     Applied Surface Science, Vol.359, pp: 847-852, Dec 2015.Feng Qian, Li Fuguo, Dai Bo, Jia Zhitai, Xie Wenlin,
     Xu Tong, Lu Xiaoli, Tao Xutang, Zhang Jincheng, Hao Yue.

17. Improved Interface and Transport Properties of AlGaN/GaN MIS-HEMTs With PEALD-Grown AlN Gate Dielectric.
     IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices, Vol.62, No.2, pp:512-518,Feb 2015.Zhu Jiejie, Ma Xiaohua, Xie Yong,
      Hou Bin, Chen Weiwei, Zhang Jincheng, Hao Yue.

18. An Improved ICP Etching for Mesa-Terminated 4H-SiC p-i-n Diodes.
IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices, Vol.62, No.4, pp:1223-1229, Apr 2015. Han Chao, Zhang Yuming,
     Song Qingwen, Zhang Yimen, Tang Xiaoyan, Yang Fei, Niu Yingxi.

19. Design of GeSn-Based Heterojunction-Enhanced N-Channel Tunneling FET with Improved Subthreshold Swing and
     On-state Current.
     IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices, Vol.62, No.4, pp:1262-1268,Apr 2015. Liu Mingshan, Liu Yan, Yan Jing,
     Wang Hongjuan, Zhang Qingfang, Zhang Chunfu, Hu Shengdong, Hao Yue, Han Genquan.

20. An Optimized Structure of 4H-SiC U-Shaped Trench Gate MOSFET.
     IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices, Vol.62, No.9, pp:2774-2778, 2015.Wang Ying, Tian Kai, Hao Yue, Yu
     Chenghao, Liu Yanjuan.

21. Electrical and optical properties of layer-stacked graphene transparent electrodes using self-supporting transfer method.
     Synthetic Metals,Vol.203, pp: 215-220, May 2015.Ning Jing, Wang Dong, Zhang Chunfu, Wang Zhizhe, Tang Shi,
      Chen Dazheng, Shi Yonggui, Zhang Jincheng, Hao Yue.

22. Flexible ITO-free Organic Solar Cells Based on MoO3/Ag Anodes.
     IEEE Photonics Journal,Vol.7, No.1, 2015.Wang Zhizhe, Zhang Chunfu, Chen Dazheng, Tang Shi, Zhang Jincheng,
    Wang Ying, Han Genquan, Xu Shengrui, Hao Yue.

23. The transmission characteristic of metal-dielectric-metal slot waveguide based nanodisk cavity with gain medium.
     IEEE Photonics Journal,Vol.7, No.2, 2015.Liu Yan, Yan Jing, Han Genquan.

24. Tensile-Strained Mid-Infrared GeSn Detectors Wrapped in Si3N4Liner Stressor: Theoretical Investigation ofImpact
      of Device Architectures.
     IEEE Photonics Journal, Vol.7, No.6, 2015.Zhang Qingfang, Liu Yan, Zhang Chunfu, Huang Qingzhong, Hao Yue,
     Han Genquan.

25. The modulation of multi-domain and harmonic wave in GaN planar Gunn diode by recess layer.
      Semiconductor Science and Technology, Vol.31, No.2, 2015.Wang Ying, Yang Lin'an, Wang Zhizhe, Ao Jinping,
      Hao Yue.

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