Production environment and equipment
Process lines and manufacturing equipments


     STEPPER                                                                              ICP 


      RIE                                                                      Eheam Evaporator

Xidian University has the process equipment and environment with 3 super-clean labs of the area over 400 each, where we can grow the wide band gap materials and develop devices. We also have a complete set of advanced testing and analysis equipments.
The level-1000 super-clean room of the microelectronic super-clean technological lab, together with material growth, device manufacture and related characterization equipments, forms a complete process line for chemical compound semiconductor materials and devices.
Device and material experimental production line has a clean area over 1000
with the clean level of 1000(some part is of level 100). It can produce 300-600 wafers of 3 inches monthly.

NIKON 17 step-by-step lithography (0.5μm)
MJB3 photolithographer (0.8μm)
PECVD dielectric deposition equipment
RIE Reactive ion etching machine
VPC-1100 electron beam evaporator(4 targets)
ICP-98C plasma etcher

The address of the Keylab.: 2 South Taibai Road, Xi'an,Shaanxi 710071

The telephone number: (029) 88202073 E-mail:  Technical support:xianjuli