Research Projects and Achievements
Scientific and technological achievements

    Xidian University is one of the earliest research institutes that research on wide-band gap semiconductor materials and devices, and it is also the important research base of wide band technology of our country. The research scale and research ability has generally reached the international level.

    The National Key Lab of Wide-Band Gap Semiconductor Technology of Xidian University has already owned some patents and key technologies including the growth and equipment of wide band materials and devices, tube-core material manufacturing techniques, microwave power devices, manufacturing technique of high brightness LED devices, micrometer/nanometer device reliability and VLSI design.

    The lab attaches great importance to the combination of research achievements with their application. Some achievements have been used in national and national defense key projects. The lab can provide the high-quality GaN and SiC based epitaxial wafer for enterprises and institutes. Microwave power devices have been used in national key projects. The research achievement of GaN LED has already become the core technology for semiconductor lighting in Shaanxi Province, leading to the function of promotion. The self-developed MOCVD device and core technology have started to realize industrialization. Micrometer/nanometer device reliability technology plays an important role in promoting high reliability integrated circuits development in China.

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