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Professor Yue Hao, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, microelectronics expert, PhD supervisor of microelectronics and solid state electronics. His ancestral home is Fuyang, Anhui province, and he is born in Chongqing in March 1958. He graduated from Xidian University in 1982, majoring in the semiconductor physics and devices and he received his doctor's degree in computational mathematics in Xi 'an Jiaotong University in 1991. Additionally, he is member of the standing committee of the 14th Central Committee of Jiusan Society and chairman of Shaanxi provincial Committee of Jiusan Society, vice chairman of Chinese Institute of Electronics, and senior member of IEEE.

He is the expert group leader of science and technology major projects of the national medium and long-term science and technology development plan outline (2006-2020), "the core of electronic devices, high-end general chips and basic software product" , the convener of the 7th discipline appraisal group (electronic science and technology level of discipline) of the State Council, the director of the National Natural Science Fund Committee of Information Science, the chairman of the teaching guide committee of electronic information engineering major in higher education,  the committee member of the Science & Technology Commission of Ministry of Education, the project chief scientist of the National Major Fundamental Research Program (973 Program) ,, the vice chairman of Science and Technology Association of Shaanxi Province, the noted expert in the field of microelectronics technology. Furthermore, he is the 9th, 10th, and 13th National Committee of CPPCC, and a deputy to the 11th NPC. In November 2013, he was elected as an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Professor Hao has been engaged in scientific research and talents training in the fields of new-type wideband gap semiconductor materials and devices, micro-nano meter semiconductor devices and highly reliable integrated circuits for a long time. He has made systematic creative achievements both in research on and promotion of the third-generation gallium nitride/silicon carbide (wide band gap) semiconductor functional materials & microwave devices, and semiconductor illuminating short-wavelength photoelectric materials & devices and in the research on the reliability and failure mechanism of micro-nano meter CMOS devices.

Major research areas: 

1. wide forbidden band semiconductor materials and devices

2. reliability of ultra-deep submicron small-sized devices

3. SoC design and its design methodology

Teaching and research results:

In regard to research results, Professor Hao was awarded second prize of National Invention Award in 2009; he also won two second prize and a third prize of National Science & Technology Progress Award in 2008, 2015 and 1998, respectively. Moreover, he won a first prize and a second prize of National Teaching Achievement Award in 2018 and 2014, respectively. Additionally, he was awarded the “He-Liang-He-Li” Science and Technology Prize in 2010.

Up to now, Professor Hao has published SCI articles more than 500; and obtained about hundred authorization of national invention patents. He authored several scientific books and monographs as well, such as “SiC Wide Band Gap Semiconductor Technology”,“Nitride Wide Bandgap Semiconductor Material and Electronic Devices”and “Reliability of Micro-nano meter CMOS Devices and Failure Mechanism” and so on.

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